Sub-Saharan Africa

AFFÉRY, Ivory Coast – Despite the essential role women play in farming, they are often subject to persistent discrimination in the rural world. With a view to favoring women’s access to farming professions and breaking with gender stereotypes, as a pilot, the IECD is offering a platform for young women: the Girls’ Club.

The contest organized by the Louis Dreyfus Foundation in partnership with the IECD allows 4 entrepreneurs from the Ivorian agri-food sector to receive a total of 24 million CFA francs (€37,000) in aid designed to develop their business.

“Agriculture is for me a job and a lifestyle choice!”

An ambitious entrepreneur, Aurélien wants to develop his garage and fulfil his dream thanks to the Basic Management Training proposed by the CED, the IECD’s local partner…

Léonce is a former student at the Njombé agricultural training center in Cameroon. This training allowed him to start his own professional activity…

Rémy, the former Head of Agricultural Research and Development with Bonduelle is now a volunteer for the APONH project…

Tiam is 22 years old. He is the uncle of Bechael, a 21-month boy who has been diagnosed with sickle-cell disease. He tells us how the disease has intruded in the family’s daily life…

Denis Elolo was the first IECD training instructor hired for the support for small enterprises program in Congo in 2014. On Sunday March 11, 2018, the plane took off for the very last time.

An encounter that leaves no-one indiferrent! Two teachers from the Académie de Paris travelled to the vocational school in Duékué, in Ivory Coast.

Thanks to the support of the Compagnie Fruitière, the TRANSFORM Project has been made possible in Cameroon and in Ivory Coast.


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