Presentation of a training manual by the teachers Ahmed-Ghayeb and Bentayeb from the Édith-Piaf high school (Paris) to the teacher Pierre Bokor from Duékoué CPAR.

This experience is very beneficial for us: it’s amazing to see what can be done in this centre with so few resources! All that these disciplined and independent students lack are the necessary resources and they will produce incredible results.


electrical engineering teacher at the EREA Edith Piaf high school in Paris.


Two teachers from the Académie de Paris travelled to the vocational school in Duékué, in Ivory Coast.

In order to encourage the collaboration between the Duékoué Rural Vocational Centre (Ivory Coast) and the Établissement Régional d’Enseignement Adapté (EREA) Édith Piaf (France), the IECD organised a twinning mission between the two establishments from 8 to 15 December 2017. Thus, two teachers from the Académie de Paris met their Ivorian counterparts and discussed vocational training in electrical engineering professions in Ivory Coast.

Twinning is at the heart of strategy of the Graines d’Espérance vocational training program developed by the IECD. It aims to support teachers and administrative teams at schools in Ivory Coast in the upgrading of the CAP (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle) vocational certificate in electricity. Training content, teaching methods and student safety were at the heart of the discussions: “Twinning has helped us to understand the differences between French and Ivorian training”, explains Anatole Gboko, a teacher at the Duékué Centre.

This encounter was also an opportunity for the teachers at the EREA Édith Piaf high school to offer equipment and supplies to the Ivorian establishment. Pierre Bokor, a teacher, recalled that the equipment provided “will help to show students how the tools and software actually work”. Practice on adapted equipment will favor youth employment among local companies.

This shared experience between the two training centers meet the objectives of the IECD which works for greater international cooperation in education.

Common analysis of a technical diagram of a model offered by GDE.