More than 700 direct employees and employees working for our local partners (figures as of 31 December 2023)

The teams are composed of direct collaborators of the IECD or of local partners of the IECD

Structured teams for an efficient organisation

In France and abroad, the IECD has designed and structured an agile organisation that meets its ambition, the needs of the beneficiaries and the targeted results.
Its strength: the commitment of its teams. They work in the delegations and in a transversal way. They combine the experience of action and the expertise of reflection.

General management based in Paris

Hélène Méchin
Human Resources Director

Alexandra de Boissieu
Administrative and Financial Director

Geographic and skill-based organisation

In the countries, the IECD teams manage and set up the implementation of the projects in collaboration with local partners and in the service of the beneficiaries.

In France, the programme teams and the support teams provide methodological, technical, strategic and financial support.

The commitment and professionalism of these teams are the basis for the quality of the projects carried out by the IECD and its partners. The IECD builds long-term relationships with its partners and contributes to their institutional, financial and organisational strengthening.


Regional offices

Organisation by skills