IECD replies on expertise to ensure the technical and pedagogical effectiveness of its actions and to guarantee that they are coherent with the requirements of the labour market.

Experts sent into the field with IECD work with the IECD teams and those of the local partners in specific areas of project implementation. They evaluate the relevance and the effectiveness of the projects, adapt methodologies and develop educational tools and training curricula.

Furthermore, these experienced professionals take part in project evaluation. In this way they provide specific or longer-term assistance to IECD.


Specialists are involved in the majority of IECD projects. Teachers, trainers, agronomists, engineers, financiers, doctors, nurses or entrepreneurs contribute to the impact of the projects implemented by teams from IECD.

If you are experienced in your sector, are a consultant or have a specialist profession, perhaps you can bring your know-how to current or upcoming projects.


IECD works with numerous schools, training centres or healthcare facilities in France and in the countries in which it operates.

Should you wish to involve your students, your teachers, your staff or your institution in a development project and provide technical support in the field, please don’t hesitate to contact us.