Entrepreneurs in human and economic development to train the responsible actors of tomorrow

Since its creation in 1988, IECD has followed the human and economic development in the countries where it has been involved. IECD bases its actions on a comprehensive approach to a person. We do this as we believe that well educated people, on an academic, technical, social and human level, will build note only a better community for themselves and their family, but also for their community and for society as a whole. IECD encourages the youth, parents, professionals and locally-based development actors to play a responsible and active civic role.


To create environments which allow everyone to build their futures and a more equitable society

IECD has one ambition: to create environments conducive to the development of each person. We want to create the necessary conditions to allow those willing to do so to act on a social, professional and institutional level. By acquiring the necessary know-how, they will be able to transform their existence and to become responsible actors in their country. We believe that in this manner, they will have a positive impact on society and contribute to it becoming more equitable.


IECD bases it actions on three key values that are key to its identity:

– A focus on the person: people are at the heart of the projects that IECD implements. The approach to each person is holistic across both human and social dimensions.

– A principle of service: IECD is founded on the principle and spirit of service, which can is demonstrated in the way teams are motivated through mutual respect.

– A professional commitment: IECD and its teams commit to the service of others, and in particular those who need it. This sincere commitment is made with professionalism and pragmatism.

In order to implement its projects, IECD seeks two basic virtues:

– To dare to undertake
– The patience to implement

Principles of action

IECD provides it expertise to its beneficiaries and conducts development projects that have a lasting impact on the people, their families and the local community.

IECD builds lasting partnerships with local actors who share its vision. Committed to their chosen field of intervention and recognised for their competency and governance, they take part in the implementation of projects on the ground. IECD contributes to strengthening them institutionally, financially and organisationally.

IECD works in very close collaboration with economic actors. It favours the involvement of local businesses, who are important actors of development. It also solicits national and international businesses to support projects that are coherent with their values, geographical location or their business sector.

Public authorities are involved in the projects that are implemented in their territories. IECD expresses its actions in line with national policies while proposing lines of evolution, particularly where health and education are concerned.

Qualified experts guarantee project relevance. They take part in the definition of programmes, in the transfer of know-how, in the training of trainers, in the evaluation of projects and in the enhancement of local partners.

Finally, IECD acts transparently and responsibly. Technical, financial and operational tools, systems and procedures are in place for all projects. Rigorous planning and regular checks ensure they are tightly controlled.