Core actions

For the past 33 years, IECD has committed to socio-economic development in Sub-saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean, the MENA region and Southeast Asia.

IECD aspires to build favorable environments where each person has the possibility to reveal their talents. It helps create promising conditions to provide willing persons with the means to act on a social, professional and institutional level and contribute to make the society fairer.

IECD structures its activity around four main fields of work: Education, Vocational Training and Youth Employability, Enterpreneurship and Healthcare. Each field of work includes several programs, through which IECD has been developing a renowned expertise as well as innovative actions which respond to a local need.

IECD engages with the local population over the long run. Its projects are primarily aimed at those who need it the most. Particular attention is given to the youth and women, who have a strong impact on development.

IECD works in close collaboration with local organizations, with whom it builds sustainable relationships. Partners participate in the implementation of projects in the field, and IECD contributes to their institutional, financial and organizational reinforcement.