Minhinta, 29 years old

Trainer at the IFERA of Yamoussokro in Ivory Coast.

Agricultural training program.

In order to break the cycle of instability in rural environments, the IECD and its partners have implemented in Cameroon (since 1992) and in Ivory Coast (since 1998), a network of dual-apprenticeship training centers in agriculture and animal breeding professions. The training allows young people from 13 to 25 years to acquire the skills needed to start their professional activity.

“Coming from the northern part of Ivory Coast, I studied economics and agricultural management at the Korhogo University. I have been dreaming of working in agriculture, close to nature, since high school. I teach at the IFERA since 2014 and I am also in charge of the organizing internships and follow-up visits. To me, agriculture is both a job and a lifestyle. It makes us able to feed our entire population, and it is crucial for Africa and Ivory Coast. Agriculture is not reserved for men. Many women working in agriculture are even more successful than men because they strive to achieve their objectives. In most cases, women are also better than men at managing their budget! What I like most at the IFERA is that we offer each young people willing to enroll a true chance and an individual support for three years. Thanks to the dual pedagogy, every IFERA student combines theoretical courses and a lot of practical experiences. We give students a true chance to succeed in their lives!”