Student in the electricity training course, Alexandria, Egypt.

Seeds of Hope Program.

In 2017, four years after the launch of the Seeds of Hope Program in Egypt, the IECD committed to favoring the socio-professional integration of more than 1,000 young Egyptians by modernizing the training offering in electricity professions at a vocational baccalaureate level. Sara is a first year student at the El Wardian Technical High School for young girls in Alexandria (Egypt).

“Originally, I thought about going into the electronics sector, a sector more popular with young girls. But, finally, my good grades led me to follow a course in electricity. My professors believed I could do better. At the beginning, I found it difficult to take an interest in it: I wanted to stop everything but my teachers helped me to persevere and they ended up conveying their passion for the subject to me.

Seven months have already passed and I now know how to wire light bulbs and repair sockets. I am very proud! The thing I really enjoy about our training is the practical exercises. They always give me new ideas for projects to try in class. For example, at the moment, I am working on a project in the field of solar energy and it’s truly fascinating!

I often hear negative remarks from those around me: they say that as a girl I don’t have a future in this line of work. What counts for me is what I want to do and not what others want me to do. I am confident and am convinced that we can do whatever we want as long as we have the ability to do it. Nothing will stop me from doing it! My dream now is to become a trainer so that I too can help other young girls.”