In Syria, the IECD has overcome the consequences of the health crisis by launching online training courses and strengthening its support for young people, entrepreneurs and families.

Yehya a 15 ans. Il est le plus jeune d’une famille de 7 enfants. Son père, ouvrier du bâtiment, a perdu son emploi il y a près de 6 ans à la suite d’une explosion qui a dévasté leur quartier…

After obtaining her baccalaureate, Monera dreamed of higher education, but her family did not have the necessary resources. This would have discouraged many, but not her…

Nabeh is a beneficiary of training at the Shahab Center in Jaramana (suburb of Damas, Syria) created by the IECD. Now he is a member of the jury of the BRIDGES program…

AHMAD, 23 years old, died by a bullet in Damascus on February 2018. Ahmad Fares was one of BRIDGES program beneficiaries.

A video to help you understand what the IECD team is doing in Syria: involved in Syria since 2008, the IECD is ramping up its activities targeting young people.

In October of 2016, the training program BRIDGES, supported both by the IECD and UNICEF in Syria, was launched to help young Syrians acquire the necessary skills to create their own business concerns.

Yaman is 16 years old. He lives in Ashrafeyet Sahnaya, in a suburb of Damascus and he dreams of raising awareness among his community with his drawings and paintings.


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