NABEH, 27 years

Beneficiary of training at the Shahab Center in Jaramana (suburb of Damas, Syria) created by the IECD.

Now a member of the jury of the BRIDGES program.

Designed to help Iraqi refugees when it was created in 2008, the Shahab Center (meaning the “center for young people”) in Jaramana mainly welcomes internally displaced Syrians from childhood through to adulthood, namely from 5 to 24 years. The young people have access to several types of services: a varied training offering, personal development workshops and psychological support. In 2017, two new centers opened their doors, one in Sweida, in the south of the country. A 4th center is being studied in Aleppo in the north of the country.

In 2013-2014, Nabeh was one of the beneficiaries of the activities of the Shabab Center in Jaramana, in the suburbs of Damas. Nabeh was very bright and excelled in English and computing. He was also part of the center’s choir:

“My experience at the IECD’s Shahab Center was very enriching and positive. Ms. Salamey listened to us and knew how to advise beneficiaries in need. The personal development workshops helped me to analyze my life, to think positively and to be proactive when it comes to everyday struggles. The idea of a center that welcomes young people and offers them advice in addition to financial support, which allows them to acquire vocational skills, think about their place in society, which offers them recreational activities and helps them to deal with the difficulties of daily life really inspired me! I wanted to be more engaged in my community. I wanted everybody to be able to benefit from this offer and I volunteered to distribute brochures in the neighborhood and encourage young people to visit the Shahab Center. We all really need it! “

Nabeh then became a community center coordinator in Jaramana. He is now the vocational training coordinator for Means of Subsistence programs at the SARC (Syrian Arab Red Crescent). As a representative of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Nabeh was recently part of the jury that awarded funding for the projects of young participants in the BRIDGES program at the Shabab Center.