Middle East and North Africa

Portrait N°27: Sara

Sara is an electrical student in Alexandria, Egypt. Despite the negative remarks from those around her, she perseveres in her studies and discovers a real passion…

Portrait N°25 : Yehya

Yehya a 15 ans. Il est le plus jeune d’une famille de 7 enfants. Son père, ouvrier du bâtiment, a perdu son emploi il y a près de 6 ans à la suite d’une explosion qui a dévasté leur quartier…

Portrait N°23: Fatima

Fatima followed the FAPAM (Training in personal care of the elderly and sick) in Bekaa, Lebanon. This course has transformed her life…

Portrait N°20: Monera

After obtaining her baccalaureate, Monera dreamed of higher education, but her family did not have the necessary resources. This would have discouraged many, but not her…

Portrait N°6: Nabeh

Nabeh is a beneficiary of training at the Shahab Center in Jaramana (suburb of Damas, Syria) created by the IECD. Now he is a member of the jury of the BRIDGES program…

9e Comité d’orientation du réseau MedNC

Les membres du réseau se sont retrouvés à Tunis mardi 10 et mercredi 11 juillet à l’occasion du 9e Comité d’orientation du réseau. Invité pour l’occasion, le ministre des Affaires sociales de Tunisie a affirmé son soutien illimité au réseau MedNC.

A new agreement between the IECD and the “Jerusalem Hills” Cooperative.

A new agreement between the IECD and the “Jerusalem Hills” Cooperative will boost the economy in the region.

The Al Hamawi Education Center inaugurates its new sports field!

The new sports field of the Al Hamawi Education Center is a major issue for Bethany’s young people.

Ahmad Fares

AHMAD, 23 years old, died by a bullet in Damascus on February 2018. Ahmad Fares was one of BRIDGES program beneficiaries.