In Lebanon, initiation to music workshops to promote children’s personal development

Beirut – July 2021 – This summer, the Janah socio-educational center organizes 105 musical initiation sessions in collaboration with the Al Kamandjâti music association. The students of all EB1 to EB6 classes can now participate in the 60-minutes musical initiation workshop during their recreation time. The sessions wish to offer the children a fun musical education while supporting their psychological development. 

For three years, the Janah educational center works closely with the Al Kamandjâti (the violinist in Arabic) to carry out the “Musical initiation for children and young people” project. The project aims to allow children and adolescents to access musical education and provide them a creative channel to develop their talents. For this purpose, the center organizes 105 sessions of initiation to music workshops this summer for all students in EB1 to EB6 classes. By the end of the year, the center will hold a musical performance showcasing the students’ talents.

The musical activity with the students of the EB6 class

The workshop aims to allow children to acquire musical skills by learning the instruments, singing, and listening to music. It also helps the children develop their cognitive skills by discovering various sounds; it improves their motor skills and enhances their learning ability. Musical activity is a great way to stimulate different brain areas, contributing to developing a wide range of skills: listening, memory, concentration, and thought organization. Furthermore, the calming effect of music promotes better emotional control for kids while encourages their creativity and artistic expression.

 “When I am in the music class, I feel happy, calm, and relaxed. I also feel great energy inside of me!” expressed Joury, a pupil of the EB5 class.

Yasmine and Mohammed are delighted over these moments when they sing with their peers at the Jonah center. For a moment, they can get away from the harsh reality that surrounds them.

The musical initiation workshop is integrated into the recreation sessions led by the activity officers at the Janah center. The workshop is facilitated by a duo made up of an advanced student and a referent teacher from the center trained by the association Al Kamandjâti. Over the past three years, Janah and Al Kamandjâti are committed to creating the best atmosphere for the student to learn and have fun during the musical initiation sessions. The students truly enjoyed the music class; it is an incredible moment of distraction and relaxation.

With instructor Ali, the students learn to play percussion instruments such as tambourines and maracas.

“I feel very comfortable and happy with what I teach the students. The good interaction between them during the sessions motivates me to continue giving more! ” said Ahmed, one of the music teachers. As for Ali, another instructor of Al Kamandjati, “I also learn movements of the students … Music has no age or limits, it is endless. It is a world through which a person develops and moves forward in his life! “