Street vendor in Ivory Coast

Support for small urban enterprises program

Since 1998, the IECD and its partners have implemented the Support for Small Enterprises (VSE) program, which accompanies heads of small businesses or start-up entrepreneurs in the creation, consolidation and permanence of their activity.  It is now deployed in 9 countries. Salimata is one of the beneficiaries.

Salimata manages a small business selling fresh eggs in the municipality of Yopougon in Ivory Coast.

“When I started selling fresh eggs in 2016, it wasn’t easy. I had to set out very early in the morning and also take of my child and my household tasks. I became tired because of a lack of organization.  After three months, I almost stopped everything because my business was not doing very well. I didn’t know exactly what I was spending or what I was earning. My encounter with Ivory Coast Enterprises Development (ICED) was decisive for taking back control of my business. It was a friend who signed me up for the Basic management training. She had followed this course shortly before. From the very first sessions, we learned how to set a goal, understand the importance of saving, cash books and customer relations. 

Now, I feel motivated again and my business is doing well: I have now progressed from selling three boxes of eggs a day to seven. But, my greatest satisfaction is having learned how to organize myself so that I can take care of my child and my business. “