Miangaly, 29 years old

Student accompanied by the SESAME measure.

HR specialty at ISCAM in Antananarivo (1st Mada private school of commerce).  Obtained her degree in 2018 among the first in her specialty.

HR Assistant since October 2018 at Smart One, a technological company specializing in data processing for the development of artificial intelligence.

Since 2013, the SESAME measure has helped to support graduates in their higher education, then in their professional integration. It offers students a preparatory year at the new campus in Antananarivo (inaugurated in 2016), in order to integrate the best schools on the island. Miangaly is one of the program’s young beneficiaries.

 “I come from a family that had very little and dreams were not allowed. It was SESAME that allowed me to imagine a future for myself. When I told Mr. Thomas Perrin[1] that I wanted to become Ambassador for Madagascar overseas he started to laugh! I hadn’t imagined at all what it meant!

SESAME was like a family. Tutelage was something new for me: I was listened to and advised. The challenge week allowed me to exceed myself and was very useful for my exams. My best memory? The entire class of 48 students celebrated my birthday. It was my first birthday cake ever!

My greatest pride was being the only one not who did not have to re-sit the exam for the first term of the preparatory year. I was so happy and proud of myself! At my oral exam, I saw my mother cry with joy for the first time. It wasn’t succeeding my oral exam that made me happy, but my mothers’ tears.

When I joined ISCAM, I was afraid of what others would think of me because the students were all from well-off backgrounds. They ate at restaurants, while I brought my own meal to school. But I quickly made friends and once I was integrated I didn’t feel judged or teased.

SESAME set me on track for my first job. I now work at Smart One as an HR Assistant. I can spoil my little sister, pay for her classes at the Confucius Institute, buy her sweets. In short, offer her things that I always dreamed of. The first time my mother spent a weekend with me, when I woke she was already up: I suddenly realized that she was making pancakes!! I’d never seen my mother make pancakes for her children. I said to her: “Mom, what are you doing?“, and she replied, “My daughter, I am so proud of you that I am making pancakes for you this morning so that you are strong today.“. I couldn’t believe it. “SESAME has made my dreams come true!”

[1] IECD Madagascar Director from 2013 to 2016