June 2020

Letter N°10

Ensure the continuity of the activities in the age of coronavirus.

July 2019

Letter N°9

Batch 7’s transition to working life – HCTC, Mae Sot (Thailand)

April 2019

Letter N°8

Fostering youth employability: the professional internships

December 2018

Letter N°7

Training future entrepreneurs in the schools!

August 2018

Letter N°6

Let’s promote eco-responsability in the tourism industry!

May 2018

Letter N°5

New steps towards opening the French Bakery School in Yangon

January 2018

Letter N°4

Opening of the French Bakery and Pastry School in Ho Chi Minh City

September 2017

Letter N°3

The 2016 capitalization journal of ASSET – H&C network is available on line !

May 2017

Letter N°2

Twinning between Hospitality School HCTC and the Savoie Léman Hospitality School in Thonon-les-bains.

January 2017

Letter N°1

Edition for Launch: the “Hospitality & Catering” Programme will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year!