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The 2023 edition of the IECD annual report is available online

The new edition of IECD’s annual report has just been published, and you can now discover the highlights of the year in words and pictures:

  • Assessment of actions and projects in 18 countries
  • Key figures
  • The impact
  • Testimonials from beneficiaries and partners
  • 2023 financial report

The impact in 2023

Annual Report IECD


Earthquakes in Syria and Morocco, tensions in the Near East, economic, political, and environmental crises… So many upheavals and challenges that have marked IECD’s countries of operation this year and highlighted the fragility of our common good. In these circumstances, we have witnessed the full force of humanity, a force in which we believe, and which drives us to encourage initiative, commitment, and entrepreneurial determination.

It goes without saying that 2023 has been a year of acceleration for the IECD, of launching new actions. It is also a year to celebrate the consolidation of the 2025
roadmap and to see how far we have come: the IECD is now stronger and better equipped to act on a large scale. The challenge is now to firmly establish this
acceleration of action over the long term. How can we do this? By remaining alert, ready to transform our activities and our organisation to meet the emerging needs of the young people, entrepreneurs, training centres and institutions that have placed their trust in us.

To inspire, to engage, to transform… is what we aspire to do as Sowers of the Future. That is why we put all our energy into creating the right learning conditions for young people and entrepreneurs, so that each of the 29,500 people we support has the opportunity to fulfill their potential, learn a trade, find a quality job, or develop their business.

To all of them, we would like to reiterate our commitment to be at their side. Thanks to them, and also to our many partners who help make our Sowers of the Future mission possible. Together, we are working to turn discouragement and reluctance into renewed hope in every person we help. This is not the least of our successes.