Madagascar (Fianarantsoa)


Saint François-Xavier school



Since I joined La Rizière, I have become more mature because we have been taught personal development so that we have more confidence in ourselves. I really like the training and I am really proud of it because I realized that many institutions are interested in hiring us.″

Mamialitiana Madelaine, 21 years old
2nd year – Waitress barmaid

Coordinats of the school “La Rizière”:

Address : Fianarantsoa 301 Madagascar
Mail : info@lariziere.org
Tel : 020 76 502 15

MADAGASCAR: The hospitality school La Rizière in Fianarantsoa

Located in the highlands of Madagascar, Fianarantsoa lies on the road leading to the southern part of the country. This trading town has a high level of casual labor and a high level of poverty. Official statistics show that, in Madagascar, a large number of jobs in the hospitality-catering sector are not filled.

Since 2012,  ″La Rizière″ hospitality school has allowed young people who find themselves in a vulnerable socio-economic situation to learn new vocational skills adapted to the needs of the hospitality sector. Three specialties, defined with professionals from the country, are offered: commis chef (2 years), waiter/bartender (2 years) or valet (1 year). A high quality hotel-restaurant next to the hospitality school allows students to practice in real-life conditions and, thus, increase their prospects of finding a job after graduation.

The school also favors the personal development of each student, in particular with the creation in 2016 of language, dance, singing, theater and even gardening clubs, themes that were chosen by the young people themselves. Finally, a monitoring, guidance and employment office now takes charge of supporting each young person individually during and after training.


On 6 February 2016, the first Certificat d’Aptitudes Professionnelles (CAP) vocational training certificate in hospitality-catering careers was awarded to students from ″La Rizière″. It is the conclusion of two years (2013-2015) of experimentation in new national syllabuses. These syllabuses are the result of coordinated work by the IECD, the Ministry of Employment, Technical Education and Vocational Training (MEETFP), and the National Tourist Office of Madagascar (ONTM) since 2012. After the passing of the law on the National Policy of Employment and Vocational Training (PNEFP) at the end of 2015, the IECD and its partners (the Italian NGO VIS and the International Francophone Organization), spent one year supporting the Madagascan Ministry (MEETFP) in the implementation of its policy. Thus, the first elements of a sustainable system for the development of technical and vocational skills have been set up.

2022 results:

  • 103 students benefited from training, 72% of whom were girls.
  • 100% success rate in the exams.
  • 151 additional young people accompanied by guidance and integration programs.
  • 7 young people in training for the first year of the new program: BTS Reception (over 2 years)