Njombe, rural zone near Douala

Ivory Coast
Tiassalé, rural zone near Abidjan


Cameroon Enterprises Development (CED)
Ivory Coast Enterprises Development (CIED)


2014 in Cameroon
2015 in Ivory Coast

As an entrepreneur, I had to really start to become a company manager. Participating in the incubator process allowed me to improve the quality of my products, conduct microbiological analyses, improve my labeling and packaging. TRANSFORM allowed me to access more markets, in particular by obtaining an authorization to sell at TOTAL stores. and being referenced by Carrefour.″

Aurelle Leblond,

SIKKA SARL (production and sale of fresh fruit drinks), Ivory Coast.

The TRANSFORM Project – Structure agri-food sectors to offer farmers new openings

The TRANSFORM project is developing an innovative approach to supporting farmers and agri-food enterprises. Since 2015, it has participated in the structuring of local agri-food processing enterprises in Cameroon and Ivory Coast in order to ensure an impact on the entire value chain by supporting three types of players in the agri-food sector: farmers, small and medium agri-food enterprises (SMAE) and very small agri-food enterprises (VSAE). These entrepreneurs benefit from training in techniques (processing, hygiene standards, product packaging, etc,), and management, followed by personalized support to help them launch and develop their activity. TRANSFORM acts as a business incubator and growth accelerator for the network’s enterprises.

In each country of intervention, actual centers have been built and equipped in order to provide a range of services: supply platform for agricultural raw materials, agri-food product development laboratory, production workshop available to rent on a daily basis.

In 2017, the IECD and its partners improved the project’s economic model in order to guarantee its financial future. The hiring of TRANSFORM centers by entrepreneurs and other external services helped to generate about €13,000, thus contributing to the program’s self-funding.

Hippolyte Nozawo, Chocolat Entreprise, beneficiary of the TRANSFORM PMEA training course in July 2017.

2020 results:

  • 74 agri-food entrepreneurs trained and supported.
  • 76% of them increased their turnover.