Christian, 20 years old

Trainee at the Social Business workshop created by the IECD, in Roumieh, Lebanon.

Former student of Electrotechnique in Arts & Metiers Dekwaneh School, one of our partner schools from Seeds of Hope program.

In support of the Seeds of Hope program, the IECD created a social business in electricity products and services, in 2017 in Lebanon. It aims to reinforce young Lebanese technician skills by engaging them in a production process. Its main activities are the construction of didactic and real models for partner schools, electrical panels for companies, as well as the provision of services.

“I choose electrotechnique because it is the closest to my dad’s profession. Before that, I didn’t like studying in academic school and I couldn’t excel.

This training is technically-advanced and involves the use of new technology.

Our job is divided into parts: drawing the map, operating the cables, and setting up the mechanic installation in the panel. The best thing about teamwork is that it helps pass on experience among colleagues. Some might have more skills for a specific task and can transmit his experience to the others.

In Lebanon, people tend to think that graduating for university is more important that graduating in a technical school, but I don’t think so. Because, we, as BT graduates, have more working experience, we do more internship and we know how to work with our hands.

With my BT diploma, I can find a job easily an I can even have my own business. I should definitely though keep myself up to date with the technology component.”