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Training young people in careers in industry, energy and maintenance (The Seeds of Hope program)

The unemployment rate for young people around the world is growing and yet certain dynamic sectors cannot find a qualified workforce: this is the case, for example, for the energy, public works, transport and automobile sectors. A mismatch between vocational training courses that are too theoretical and the technical skills required by enterprises is one of the main reasons for this.

The Seeds of Hope program was relaunched in Lebanon in 2007, in order to offer good quality training to young people without any qualifications and meet the needs of buoyant sectors. Introduced in the field of electricity, it has been adapted to local demand with other similar themes such as electrical engineering and vehicle maintenance.

10 years after its launch, the Seeds of Hope program has been extended to five other countries: Nigeria and Egypt in 2013,  Morocco in 2014, Ivory Coast and Vietnam in 2016. The forthcoming deployment of the program in Palestinian Territories is very promising.


2017 results:

  • 4,000 young people in training with the Seeds of Hope program in 2017.
  • 242 trainers trained in new educational technologies and practices in 2017.
  • 90% is the average success rate in exams in 2017.
  • 82% of young graduates have a job or have continued their studies one year after obtaining their diploma.