Graduate of the 2015/2016 electrical engineering class in Lagos, Nigeria

Training in electrical engineering careers – Seeds of Hope Program

Electrical engineering is a subject that did not exist in Nigeria until the IECD developed it in 2014 in partnership with the Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT) and industrial companies from the sector. Jumbo is a young Nigerian from a humble family, a student of the first ever class.

“Growing up was difficult. My parents didn’t have much money and I had to forget the idea of studying. I was very frustrated about the situation until one of my friends told me about the Institute for Industrial Technology (ITT). There, I found a school where I could fulfill my dream of obtaining a diploma. I was very enthusiastic about the idea of joining the school but I didn’t know how I was going to pay my fees. Because of my motivation, the school eventually told me that the fees would be covered by the IIT network’s benefactors. That is how I started my studies.

It is enthralling and fascinating to learn something new. I am like a plant that is growing. I must admit that my classmates are partly responsible for this. I would never have made it through it without them. There is an incredible sense of solidarity between us in order to ensure that we achieve want we want together.

Apart from the classes at school, my work placement allowed me to further my knowledge in electricity and acquire skills in car mechanics. And, to round it all off, I was hired at the end of my work placement!

The IIT changed my life. I have become a man who is worthy of trust and am respected by my peers. My family is proud of me and I know that they will never be hungry again. “