Math teacher at the Al Hamawi Education Center in Bethany.

The Al Hamawi Center, which means “protected place”, in Bethany welcomes young boys and girls from 6 to 18 years, most of them from the poorest families in Bethany and its vicinity. They follow an education remediation program and participate in extracurricular activities. In 2017, the launch of the Hamawi Talents project helped 20 young senior school students in their choice of career.

Eman lives in Bethany, Palestinian Territories. She graduated from Birzeit University in 2014 and came top of her year in math and physics. She obtained a diploma in teaching skills at the same time and followed several courses on business and management. Since 2014, she has worked at the Al Hamawi Center, and, since 2016, she has been the Coordinator of the Al Hamawi Talent program and also teaches science as part of the same program.

“I chose to work in this field after understanding the importance of this program for improving our society and our country, and our target group’s members’ (talented students) need to improve their personality and skills and prepare themselves for the future. When I started to work at the center, I quickly realized that we could widen our action to students with high potential who do not benefit from a specific program to help them and encourage them. Those who have good results at school are lacking prospects for their future and I wanted to offer them tools to help them study their socio-professional orientation and improve their chances of continuing on to higher education.

 We started in 2016 with a group of 10 students and we have extended the group to 15 students. I have become the program’s coordinator and I also teach science. It was difficult to set up the program the first two years because of a lack of resources and partnerships, but, now I am very proud of the center’s students, what they have achieved and their sense of success. I would like to see regular programs at the Al Hamawi Center for all target groups in our society. As a Palestinian woman, I believe we have to do our best to achieve our dreams and build a promising future for our children.