IECD has been operating in Morocco since 2014 with the Seeds of Hope project. It aims at improving the vocational training offer, recreating the link with companies, responding to their needs, enabling young Moroccans to get a job and integrating socially into society and involving them in the industrial development of their country.

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With more than one young city dweller in four out of work, Morocco is one of the countries in the Mediterranean the most affected by unemployment. Graduates but often under-qualified, young people suffer from the shortfalls in the education system and its lack of suitability to the labor market.

Since 2014, the IECD has developed training courses in the fields of energy, a sector that is enjoying strong growth. It joined forces with Heure Joyeuse to create a CFA in construction electricity in 2015 which welcomes young people from underprivileged backgrounds in the Greater Casablanca region. With 88% of professional integration, the CFA is an example. The IECD also supports the Juk Spel Institute and the Technical Training Centre in Kénitra in improving the quality of their training courses as well as in supporting young people towards employment.