DESJOBERT Astrid (IECD), Improving assessment and follow-up of young people post-training in developing countries, January 2017, 14 pages.

A document was written with the contribution of Acting for Life (Johanne VILLEGAS), Apprentis d’Auteuil (Carine PARENT), Essor (Ambroise LE MOAL), Gret (Sandra BARLET, Marie-Christine LEBRET).


What are the tools and methods available to carry out an enquiry?

Checking up on how young people are getting along after their training is an important issue for many organisations but it also presents a major challenge, largely on account of the scarcity of adapted tools. Recognising this fact, five French NGOs (Acting for Life, Apprentis d’Auteuil, Essor, Gret and the IECD), supported by researches and experts, have developed a tool designed to be as simple and practical as possible with the aim of improving the assessment and following-up of young people who have benefited from training in developing countries, once they have reintegrated.

This document presents the principal issues when measuring the socio-professional integration of young people who are seeking to re-enter the job market after their training. It defines the concepts and their corresponding indicators, as well as the different methods of monitoring that integration. Finally, it suggests a survey questionnaire as well as some practical guidelines on how to use it.

The questionnaire can be downloaded for Excel or as a PDF opposite.

This document and its corresponding questionnaire, after having been tested in real life situations, will be updated during the first quarter of 2017 based on feedback from its first users.