Testimony of miss GIÁP THỊ HỒNG VÂN, local merchant in ĐIỆN BIÊN PHỦ

Miss Van’s life has long been inherently related to unstable retailing businesses. She left her hometown in the Mekong Delta for Saigon in search for a better life. She has been through many different businesses. At the moment, her family main income comes from her “banh mi” cart (baguette filled with meat, picked vegetable and chili pepper). It is not a store, but this cart somehow helps them to make a living in the city.

Soon after hearing about IECD, she applied to join Basic Management Training course. In the beginning, she struggled to juggle between works, family and class. With the support from her husband and children, Miss Van managed to complete the training course, and step by step, she integrated theory into reality.

” Prior to the course, I didn’t know how to advertise my products. After the course, I created my own flyer, had a bigger banner with unique slogan and content. I managed to increase my revenue to 20-30%.”

Miss Van laughs a lot. She is really happy with the revenue, as well as the knowledge she learnt and applied. She said, her family income is really much better than before.

Brimming with emotion, she said:

“I feel contended. In more than10 years of hard working, things could not improve, because I’m not a well-educated person. Now, since 2 years ago, my business has steadily grown, I am so happy, I make enough to cover my children’s tuition fees. I don’t need to borrow money to support my children’s education as I used to.”

Like many Vietnamese women, her dream is simple. She wants a quality life for her family, better growth in her business and revenue. Currently, she plans to open a snack and drink store. She also wishes she can share her knowledge and experiences to help others achieve their goals as well.

October 2016