Sub-Saharan Africa

Since its creation, the IECD has intervened in Sub-Saharan Africa, now its first region in terms of commitments implemented. The IECD relies on the strong development potential of this region to offer underprivileged young people training and access to employment opportunities in rural environments, with training in agricultural careers (about 30 schools in three countries); in urban environments with training in industry, energy and maintenance careers. At the same time, the IECD supports entrepreneurial initiatives with the Enterprises Development Network (EDN) and its different national partners in 14 business management training and support centers. In rural environments, the IECD is testing new intervention methods with the creation of social enterprises that offer new services to farmers and facilitate access to markets in the fruit and vegetable sectors (APONH & TRANSFORM projects). Finally, since its creation, the IECD has offered its support to more than 87 healthcare structures in order to improve patient care. Above all, it has become a recognized player in Africa in the fight against Sickle Cell Disease.  The threshold of 100,000 people screened was exceeded in 2017.



  • AGRICULTURAL CAREERS: In 2018, the network of agricultural training centers in Cameroon provided a certified long training offering: a CQP and a CAP were set up. A new training center opened its doors in Afféry, Ivory Coast where the IECD has also been asked by the public authorities to take part in the construction of a coherent agricultural training offering on a national level.
  • CAREERS IN INDUSTRY AND ENERGY: training is gaining ground in Ivory Coast, in particular thanks to the increase in the placement of young people in enterprises, the opening of a new vocational training center in Abengourou.
  • CAREERS IN HEALTH: the development of a Practical support guide on project management that capitalizes on the PASS program’s implementation methodology and enables its extension to other structures and other regions. The improvement of care program for people suffering from sickle cell disease was launched in Ivory Coast.


  • The SOFRULECAM, a company with a social vocation, doubled its turnover in 2018. For the first time, the farmers sold their products via volume retailers.
  • The TRANSFORM centers increased their recognition with signs of interest especially from local authorities, the CAM and the FIRCA (Interprofessional Federation for Agricultural Research and Advice) as well as private players (CFAO – Carrefour), which decided to use TRANSFORM to implement part of their business.
  • The Enterprises Développement Network (RED) is extending its training and services offering with Top Départ training for underprivileged young people that want to start their own business and specialist training for enterprises enjoying good growth.



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