Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, more than 50% of jobs were deemed to be unstable by the ILO in 2018. At the same time, the strong growth of tourism creates a real integration opportunity for vulnerable populations. Since 2002, the IECD has supported the training of young people in careers in hospitality-catering and mobilizes vocational training stakeholders in this sector within the ASSET – H&C network. In Vietnam, the IECD also targets the industry and energy sector via support for two technical schools. Finally, the Support for Small Entrepreneurs continues to pursue its goal to help the very poorest, in particular street vendors with an 80% population of women.



  • A new La Boulangerie Française school opened its doors in Myanmar.
  • 82% of the graduates of the schools supported by the IECD found a job.
  • For the first time, the hospitality school in Mae Sot (Thailand) developed certified short training for refugees from Myanmar.
  • For its 3rd year, the ASSET-H&C network welcomed a new member in Cambodia and brought together its 14 members to discuss the following themes: the information of young people about entrepreneurship; the issue of gender; the taking into account of the environment in the profession.
  • In Vietnam, the IECD accompanies two technical schools in the preparation of the CAP in civil and industrial electricity in vehicle maintenance. A twinning resulted from a partnership agreement with the Académie de Paris between two Vietnamese high schools and two Parisian establishments.


  • In Vietnam, the IECD formed a partnership with the Women’s Union, a public social organization present on a national level, and the NMAV, a Norwegian NGO offering micro-credit, in order to support women entrepreneurs.



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