Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist at the JANAH – IECD socio-educational center, Beirut, Lebanon.

Since 2007, the IECD has partly met the educational and psychological needs of child refugees at 4 education centers (Beirut, Tripoli, Al Qaa and Rmeilleh). The program includes basic education classes for children who are not in school and education remediation classes for those experiencing major learning difficulties and who are at risk of dropping out of the school system. It also offers extracurricular and personal development activities and psychosocial support to help them overcome the trauma they have experienced and reconnect with school after years outside of the system.

“As a clinical psychologist at the Janah center, I work with children and teenagers who have psychological disorders or who have suffered trauma.  I work in association with the social worker and the center’s coordinator. This collaboration allows us to adopt a global approach to the problems which may be experienced by the most vulnerable and to offer an effective response.

My professional work dates back to 2013 and covers several fields, such as: traumatology, addition, physical and sexual abuse, protection of children, victims of torture and refugees. Children who are suffering need a positive image of life, or rather hope that they can use to rebuild themselves instead of destroying themselves. Children and young people need a warm human presence from which they can draw the strength they need to overcome their difficulties. Resilience is present in each person: it just needs to be brought out.

The multidisciplinary approach implemented by the Janah center is a constant search for a suitable response to the needs of young people and their families.  It is a matter of personal and professional pride and great human satisfaction! “