3rd year technical baccalaureate student in Beirut (Lebanon).

Seeds of Hope Program.

The Seeds of Hope program was relaunched in Lebanon in 2007, in order to offer good quality training to young people without any qualifications and meet the needs of buoyant sectors. Introduced in the field of electricity, it has been adapted to local demand with other similar themes such as electrical engineering and vehicle maintenance. 10 years after its launch, the Seeds of Hope program has been extended to five other countries.

” The electrical engineering baccalaureate has become a path of excellence. It has two qualities: it allows us to join the job market immediately or to continue our studies at an engineering school. We even have one huge advantage over those who have opted for a general baccalaureate because we have already studied technical subjects. Those who do not want to continue their studies have enough experience to find a job, which distinguishes us from other students who wait to get their diploma. Electrical engineering is the most recent specialty in the electricity sector and it opens the doors to many careers: all companies, even those in the mechanical sector, require electricity services.”