Our teams

An efficient organisation for the service of the beneficiaries
In the field, IECD’s teams supervise or accompany the implementation of projects by local partners. In Paris, programme coordinators provide them with strategic, financial and technical support. Qualified experts accompany them in their work.

A professional commitment
IECD’s employees provide their skills and expertise to the beneficiaries. Their commitment and professionalism are reflected in the quality of projects conducted in the field by IECD and its partners.

Close co-operation with local partners
IECD works closely with local organisations. Committed to the chosen area of intervention and renowned for their expertise and governance, they implement the projects in the field. IECD builds sustainable relationships with them and contributes to their institutional, financial and organisational reinforcement.

Qualified expertise guaranteeing project relevance
Experts are involved in programme definition and development, knowledge transfer, training of trainers, project evaluation and the enhancement of local partners.


IECD General Directorate is based in Paris.

They supervise and follow the implementation of the organisation’s operations and are also responsible for regular technical and financial monitoring.

They also act as a resource centre for partners and field teams (knowledge transfer, institutional reinforcement, technical expertise). Finally, they work with financial partners and supervise the medium and long-term development of IECD’s activities.

Regional delegations were created after several years of collaboration with technical partners based in the Loire region, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. This regional presence enables some IECD projects to benefit from local input, be it technical, institutional, entrepreneurial or financial.


A Skilled and Committed Team

To support local partners in the implementation and management of projects on the ground, IECD send project managers and technical assistants for an average duration of two years or more. They provide their professional skills to the projects and beneficiaries.


IECD creates delegations at a national or regional level should the level of activity of the country or region necessitate it. Their mission is to represent IECD locally, to coordinate the management of projects in the field and to build lasting relationships with local partners. Since 1992, IECD has opened six delegations: in Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Congo-Brazzaville, the Near East, Madagascar and the Palestinian Territories.

Representative Offices

IECD has also opened representative offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Thailand and Vietnam. They are responsible for providing technical and institutional support to local partners.


IECD relies on a network of about 30 qualified experts. They ensure that projects are relevant; they contribute to the definition and development of programmes, to the transfer of knowledge; they train trainers, evaluate projects and reinforce local partners on an institutional level.

Today, IECD works with the directors of training centres, specialised teachers, teacher trainers, agronomists, architects, engineers, financial experts, doctors, nurses and entrepreneurs.

Strong in their commitment to IECD’s projects, some of them have more than 15 years’ experience in development.


Over the years, some experts have become referrals for IECD’s key programmes.

Rural Development
Pedro Puig, Permanent Technical Secretary, International Association of Family Movements for Rural Training (AIMFR)

Hospitality and Catering
Marie-Thérèse Audoux, Trainer, IUFM of “Académie de Versailles”

Monique Robert, Head of Institutional Relations, Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital Group

Support to Small Enterprises
Stanislas Dubourg, former Manager of the Support to Small Enterprises program in Cameroon

Patrick Vétillart, Engineer