La Boulangerie Française :

succes in paving the way for the next generations 

February 2022 – The bakery schools La Boulangerie Française in Vietnam and Myanmar are part of a vocational training project by the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD), that offers young women and men from underprivileged backgrounds training opportunities to become professional bakers. Among various career choices in renowned hotels, resorts, bake shops and restaurants, some of the alumni chose to come-back to the La Boulangerie Française as trainers after their graduation to transfer their skills to the next generation of students.

From the family run coffeeshop to La Boulangerie Française

Aye Moe Mint is an example of a La Boulangerie Française alumnus who has become a trainer after completing a one year training at the bakery of Yangon (Myanmar). Before joining the IECD, like many of her peers Aye Moe Mint was helping her mother at her coffee shop in Yangoon :

”I really wanted to acquire a practical training, I applied to follow the IECD’s bakery training program. If I didn’t get this chance, I probably would have ended up working in a home-run kitchen somewhere, without learning any qualified skill” she said.

After her graduation, Aye Moe chose to be a trainer at La Boulangerie Française : ”I prefer teaching at La Boulangerie Française because it is where I will be able to transfer the knowledge and the technical aspects that I acquired to the apprentices to help them in life. La Boulangerie Française is the best learning center of the city and students can easily get good jobs afterwards”.

Myanmar : La Boulangerie Française

Aye Moe Mint checks the work of her apprentices

Theoretical and practical learning in a benevolent context

La Boulangerie Française first started in Vietnam in 1999 and has gained popularity among the locals.
”La Boulangerie Française is a very special place for me. It’s where I can give the best of myself”, said Nguyen Van Duc, an alumnus of La Boulangerie Française in Hue (Vietnam), where he currently works as a bakery & pastry trainer.
Nguyen has decided to come-back to La Boulangerie Française as a professional trainer, after 7 years of outstanding experience in 5-star hotels in Hanoi and Danang, and a short time running his own bakery.
”The most exciting thing is that I would be able to transfer my passion and the experience to the younger generations” he adds.

Vietnam : La Boulangerie Française

Van Duc (in the center) teaches the art to roll a french croissant to his students

La Boulangerie Française : “A life-changing school ”

The Boulangerie Française of Ho Chi Minh City welcomes 20 students each year, 60% of whom are girls. Among them, Dinh Thuy Truc Uyen and Nguyen Thi Nga graduated in 2019 and 2021 respectively. They later chose to stay at LBF to teach the apprentices bakers.

“Coming from a similar background, I could share the students’ difficulties and sensitivity. […] I love their positive energy and I love my job!”, said Nga.

Nga was once a student of Uyen, they are now colleagues. They are particularly excited when one of their former students shares good news about their work.

“I am proud to be part of their success. As a trainer in this life-changing school, that is the most rewarding success ”, shared Uyen.

With its sustainability as a social enterprise, La Boulangerie Française will soon be replicated in other countries such as Thailand and Madagascar.

Vietnam : La Boulangerie Française

Nga and Uyen evaluating a student’s products at the final examination