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8 Rue N’gole


Republic of the Congo

Contact: Mélanie BOULAY


Phone: +242 06 510 64 80 / / +242 06 510 27 05

The IECD, which has been present in the Republic of Congo since 2012, is developing activities in the following areas: health, vocational training and professional integration of young people, entrepreneurship and the agricultural sector.

In a country where the quality of healthcare is a major public health issue, the IECD developed the Support for Healthcare Structures Programme (PASS), which combined ongoing training, support and equipment to improve healthcare practices in 8 healthcare structures in Pointe Noire over a 9-year period (2012-2021). Today, the IECD is supporting the Joseph Loukabou paramedical school in Pointe-Noire to improve the initial training of nurses and midwives.

In terms of vocational training and professional integration, the IECD is supporting the Don Bosco vocational training centre in Pointe-Noire in order to offer high-quality training to young people without qualifications and to promote their access to sustainable employment while meeting the needs of the buoyant energy and industrial sectors. Between now and the end of 2023, the IECD will be working in 3 other vocational training centres in Pointe-Noire to improve the professional integration and employability of young women.

Faced with difficulties in accessing employment, many people turn to self-employment to improve their living conditions. With the Micro and Small Enterprises Support programme, the Congo Entreprises Développement (CgED) organisation, IECD’s local partner, implements training and support tailored to the different profiles of entrepreneurs to create, develop and sustain their business. Since 2014, more than 2,500 entrepreneurs and project leaders have received support at the centres in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire or via the CgED mobile branch.

More recently, the IECD has become involved in agricultural development: it is supporting players in the fish farming sector to define viable technical and economic models and develop local production around Pointe-Noire.