The new sports field inauguration in the presence of Grégoire Bonhomme, in charge of humanitarian affairs in the french General Consulate. On the right, Bertrand Martin, director of the Al Hamawi Education Center.

The new beneficiaries of the Al Hamawi Education Center and their parents.

The Al Hamawi Education Center inaugurates its new sports field!

On 3 May, the Al Hamawi Education Center in Bethany inaugurated its new sports field. It was the opportunity for Bertrand Martin, the education center’s director, to recall the challenge represented by such a facility.  

The sports field found its public immediately and our challenge is now to structure activities around this space by creating sports teams and associating children from the neighborhood in the center’s other educational activities”, explained Bertrand Martin. “We want to increase our impact on the community by encouraging children and their parents to become active stakeholders in the education center.”

Pascal Valette, the local head of the IECD specified that:

The sports field fits perfectly into the strategy of the Al Hamawi center, the aim of which is to create a favorable educational environment for children and young people from Al Azarieh and the surrounding area. Currently, every week, it welcomes 250 children and young people for remediation classes, professional guidance and other extracurricular activities. This new facility will become the cornerstone of our service offering in line with the educational project that we have set up.”


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