The New Chance Mediterranean Network
which young Mediterraneans hope

Astrid Desjobert, the head of the New Chance Mediterranean network and the IECD’s representative in the PACA region was interviewed by Eric Bataillon on RFI in the Orient Hebdo program broadcast on Sunday 22 September 2019.

 The Summit of the Two Shores, held in Marseille on 24 June 2019, presented the New Chance Mediterranean project which aims to offer young people will little or no training the hope of finding work.

When I travel to Morocco to visit the Heure Joyeuse association’s training center for apprentices which welcomes young people without any qualifications from underprivileged neighborhoods, it is striking to see in the eyes of these young people the recognition and trust they have in their trainers. It is fundamental for them because it is what will help them to become citizens, people who will be players in their own development and the development of their country.”

Today, 26,000 young Mediterraneans benefit from the actions of the MedNC network’s members. “It’s huge but, at the same time, it’s a drop in the ocean in view of the millions of young people in desperate situations”, explains Astrid Desjobert, who hopes that the recognition acquired from the Summit of the Two Shores encourages public authorities to act in accordance with the scale of the problem.

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