IECD’s annual report 2022 is now available online

The new edition of IECD’s annual report has just been published, and you can now discover the highlights of the year in words and pictures :

  • Assessment of actions and projects in 18 countries
  • Key figures
  • The impact
  • Testimonials from beneficiaries and partners
  • Our outlook
  • 2022 financial report

The impact in 2022




Hao, a young 23-year-old Vietnamese man, followed his dream from his rural province to a luxury hotel where he now works as a pastry chef. Stephan, an Ivorian entrepreneur, developed her own brand of smoothies and thus created jobs in the local community. Nadim, a young Syrian refugee in Lebanon, learned to rebuild himself in a social setting environment, helping him to find a career path for his future.

At the crossroads of their journeys the IECD is there to help them achieve their life goals, stand tall and be confident about their futures. The key: a passion, a profession, a business, a place in society, helping them become agents of change.

In an evolving world full of tensions and crises, the IECD continues to share its know-how in the countries where we intervene, where the vulnerabilities of humankind are at their keenest and where the needs of the local people are the greatest, notably in terms of education and training. Faced with these challenges, the IECD once again stepped up to the plate in 2022, increasing the level of our activities and spreading our initiatives to new, promising sectors and to new countries.

This year, the IECD and its partners supported 28,000 adolescents, young people on integration courses and entrepreneurs in their career pathways. Alongside this new generation of women and men, a generation of responsible stakeholders, the IECD is contributing to the emergence of a world where the beauty of humanity will come to the fore. This is at the heart of our mission of sowing seeds for the future.