Almost all of the IECD’s projects include on-going training:

  • Training of trainers and educators in educational programs (training of teachers and educational staff for the integration of children with special needs into regular schools in Lebanon, junior school teacher training in Madagascar).
  • On-going training for trainers in teaching practices and new technologies:
    – In the three Certified long training programs: Seeds of Hope, hospitality-catering and Family Farm Schools.
    – In the frame of certified short vocational training courses in Syria and Lebanon.
  • Training of the administrative staff of educational institutes, training centers and healthcare centers for the improved management of establishments.
  • Training of healthcare staff in order to improve practices and the quality of care.

Continuing education

Improve the quality of programs

OBJECTIVE 2 – Support local partners towards autonomy through the transfer of skills

On-going training targets people who are already in employment, who want to improve their practices, or progress in their profession. For the IECD, it is an opportunity to guarantee the quality of programs, strengthen the capacities of local players and increase the impact of programs in territories. Since 1991, the IECD has supported medical staff in improving patient care. On-going training has gradually been extended to all of the program’s players: thus, the IECD is developing training for teachers and trainers, administrative staff and center managers, as well as care staff, thus greatly improving the quality and impact of its actions. At the same time, for all the programs that involve young people, the IECD organizes family information days so as to encourage adhesion and create a favorable and coherent dynamic.