The IECD annual report is available online

The IECD 2020 annual report is available online! Discover the highlights of the year in words and images:

  • Summary of actions and projects in 15 countries
  • Key figures
  • Impact
  • Beneficiaries’ and partners’ testimonials
  • Our outlooks
  • The 2020 financial report

The impact in 2020

Financial indicators

The 2020 harvest was fruitful despite the difficult context last year.

The IECD has continued to progress and to respond successfully to the growing needs of an ever-increasing number of people.

What matters most for us is that each man and woman is able to benefit from the complete development of their personal qualities, aptitudes and skills. Through a profession, training, or work, and by benefiting from more humane living conditions, each individual has the potential to fully express him or herself, and to be much more.

As we discover our own identity, we are able to free ourselves of all that keeps the other at bay in order to respond to the call for a more united and brotherly humanity.