Being Entrepreneurs in Human and Economic Development

IECD trains responsible actors of tomorrow.

Construct Environments that Allow Every Person to Build the Future

IECD works for a more just society.

45 Projects, 14 Countries, more than 25 Years of Experience

IECD operates in Africa, Madagascar, the Near East and Southeast Asia.

Commit for Those Who Need It

IECD brings its expertise in vocational training and professional integration, support to small enterprises, and access to education and healthcare.

Conduct Efficient, Innovative and Quality Development Projects

IECD builds lasting relationships with its financial partners, local development actors and employees.


IECD is a French development organization. With its partners, it constructs environments that allow every person to reveal their talents, build a better future, and become a responsible actor in his/her country.

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IECD conducts 45 projects in 15 countries.

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