The IECD has been involved in Syria since 2000 and has a team based in Damascus.

Contact the IECD team in Syria:

Adresse: Moussa Ibn Noussair Street, Al-Khen Building, Abou Roummaneh, Damascus

Contact: Nidal Bitar, country director


Tel: +963 11 333 1614

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IECD Syria

Vocational training youth center

IECD syrian Team

IECD team


Nidal Bitar, delegate of IECD in Syria

In a context of constant violence and insecurity since 2011, children, teenagers and young  people  face  a  social and economic future that is severely compromised. Despite the difficulties, the IECD confirms its determination to maintain its actions in Syria. Via a local team comprising 42 people and the strengthening of the skills of 27 associations from civil society, the IECD’s actions have an impact throughout the territory. Their aim is the training and access to employment of young people, their psychological support and their personal development.

The opening of two new training centers in Syria (suburb of Damascus and Sweida) greatly increased the certified short training offering.