Casablanca, Kénitra


The Heure Joyeuse Association (Casablanca), JUK SPEL Institute (Kénitra), Technical Training Center (Kénitra)





Thanks to the ″Green Talent″ competition, I heard about renewable energies and decided to continue my studies in this field. My current job at the ONEE is a step before the creation of my own company.


Graduate technician from the 2015/2016 school year in position at the ONEE (National Electricity Board of Morocco)

More information about Seeds of Hope Program: gde@iecd.org

Training young male and female moroccans for careers in electricity


of the students obtained their diploma in 2017.

In Morocco, the IECD joined forces in 2014 with the Heure Joyeuse to create a CFA in construction electricity which welcomes young people from underprivileged backgrounds in the Greater Casablanca region. Three years later, it is showing excellent results with 81% of professional integration for the young people, some of whom had not reached a 4th year of secondary school level. In parallel, the IECD accompanies the Juk Spel Institute and the Technical Training Center in Kénitra in improving the quality of their training and in supporting young people in the labor market: a new Career Guidance Office (CGO) has been operational since the start of the school year at the Juk Spel school and a study to identify educational needs in photovoltaics has been carried out by Énergies Sans Frontières (ESF) to help schools train young people in these new technologies. Among the 2018 objectives, the strengthening of ties with companies will be at the heart of our actions.

2017 results:

  • 574 students trained in electricity professions in 2017.
  • 58% of the graduates from 2016 are working or continuing their studies.
  • 20 trainers followed technical and educational training courses in 2017.

Inauguration of the Training Center for Apprentices in Construction Electricity in Mkanssa – Report MAP – © February 2016 (French video)