Cairo, Alexandria


Don Bosco Institutes Cairo and Alexandria, El Wardian Secondary Technical School and Ras El Soda Secondary Technical School, Alexandria; French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt.



Electricity is my passion. My father supports me in my studies because he believes that any new skill I learn will help me in my future career.

Marwa, 16 years

1st year student in electricity at the El Wardian public senior school in Alexandria

Renewable energy project – Don Bosco – March 2017

The renewable energy project was carried out between November 2016 and January 2017 by the 52 students who are in their third year of professional training in electrical engineering at the Institute of Don Bosco Cairo. On this occasion, a video was prepared in cooperation with AFD and Schneider Electric Egypt.

I want to thank the educational and administrative teams for having adopted the new course in order to help young people to succeed their professional integration. This project meets the needs of enterprises that are looking for competent technical staff. I encourage all enterprises to cooperate with us in this project and to help young graduates find a job that corresponds to the level of this high quality training.


Co-president of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt

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Training young male and female egyptians for careers in electricity

National recognition
of the 3-year
training course

Renovation of 
8 workshops
in 2 technical

of a

3rd Career
Guidance Office
in Alexandria

Organization of 2 technical

with the presence
of 45 enterprises

In 2017, the IECD committed to favoring the socio-professional integration of more than 1,000 young Egyptians by modernizing the training offering in electricity professions at a vocational baccalaureate level.


In June 2017, four years after the launch of the program in Egypt, the new 3-year course was accredited by the Egyptian Minister for National Education and Vocational Training. It was deployed in two public technical schools, namely the El Wardian senior school for young girls and the Ras El Soda senior school for boys. Eight technical workshops in two partner senior schools were renovated and training was provided for trainers. The IECD is devoted to facilitating the appropriation of the new course and the optimum use of the new facilities by the trainers. Thus, since the start of the 2017 school year, 198 students (including 143 girls) from public education were offered the chance to join the first year of a recognized, modernized and updated training course. 566 students currently benefit from classes on equipment adapted to the needs of enterprises. This result is the product of collaborative work between the IECD, the Don Bosco Institutes in Alexandria and Cairo, the Ministry and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt (CCIFE).


In parallel, a Career Guidance Office was opened at Ras El Soda public senior school following the model developed in Lebanon (p.19) based on the methodology described in the Guidance and Employment Manual published by the IECD in 2016. The role of the office is to support beneficiaries in their professional integration by forming relationships with enterprises that offer jobs or work placement opportunities. The number of students that benefit from the services proposed by the three offices continues to rise. In 2017, 1,939 young people worked on their professional guidance, completed a work placement in an enterprise, or participated in the technical employment forums organized in Cairo and Alexandria in October, namely 3.5 times more than in 2016.

The first coordination meeting for the deployment of the Seeds of Hope program in Egypt was held at the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training in the presence of the project’s partners: the AFD, the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt, and ministry representatives.

2017 results:

  • 1,006 young people trained in careers in electricity in partner schools in 2016.
  • 1,939 young people benefited from the services of the CGO, namely 3.5 times more than in 2016.
  • 88% of the graduates from 2016 are working or continuing their studies.
  • 60 teachers (including 28 women) followed training in techniques and educational practices in 2017.