Syria – Damascus and its suburbs, Salamieh, Lattakia, Homs, Tartous, Hasaka, Hama and Aleppo


10 local associations



In order to increase our impact in the territory and improve the quality of training, we decided that the best solution was to transfer our skills to teachers, educators, and managers of associative centers.


Director of the IECD in Syria.

SYRIA: On-going training to strengthen the skills of local associations

In Syria, the IECD is increasing its impact in a large part of the territory by transferring skills to the dense local associative network. In previous years, 67 associations were able to benefit from training that helps them to run high level vocational training centers. In 2017, 175 members from 10 associations again improved their skills in teaching practices and the management of training centers: training adapted to certain subjects (computing, English), certain professions (household electricity, personal care), and the management of centers (management or use of software).

2017 results:

  • 175 trainers trained in teaching practices and technical subjects in 2017.