Ivory Coast
Abidjan (2 centers), Yamoussoukro, Bouaké, Bonoua, Toumodi and Bouaflé


Ivory Coast Enterprises Development (CIED)


2007 – 2015 (MPE)

Small Enterprises in Ivory Coast (French video) – © 2016


In the frame of the Debt-Reduction- Development Contract (C2D), a cooperation mechanism whereby the debt of poor countries is redistributed in the form of subsidies, the IECD-Ivory Coast was chosen to support small Ivorian enterprises. In Abidjan and Yamoussoukro, as well as in areas around these cities, the project has helped to train and support about 4,200 young entrepreneurs and start-up entrepreneurs, 2,500 of which in 2017, in order to favor access to employment and entrepreneurship.

This project represents a genuine change in scale for the program and has allowed its methodology to be transferred to 40 trainers and supervisors. The Ivorian partner, CIED, trained and supported trainers, thus also proving its ability to implement a largescale and high-quality project.

Support to small enterprises in Ivory Coast and MPE project

The activities in Ivory Coast in 2017 were marked by the deployment of the MPE project, which enabled a successful change in scale so as to train a large number of trainers and disseminate the program’s methodology.

CIED also gave pride of place to innovation and the quality of service offered to entrepreneurs, with activities such as the “Top Leader” seminar, which allowed Entrepreneur Club members to work in greater depth on the problems that they themselves defined.

Finally, CIED introduced the Top Sales training for women who produce and sell attiéké (a traditional dish).

2017 results:

  • 536 entrepreneurs participated in the Basic Management Training or the Start-Up Training.
  • 2,476 entrepreneurs (MPE) were trained and supported in 2017.