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Among the patients we monitor, we have managed to reduce the frequency of attacks by 40% and halve the mortality rate among children under five. Also, thanks to the information initiatives, they now go to school and their teachers know how to support them.»

Professeur Léon TSHILOLO

Pediatrician, hematologist director of the Health Training and Support Center (CEFA). Monkole Hospital, founder and President of REDAC

DRC- Improvement of care people suffering from sickle cell disease

The IECD has committed to the Support Platform for Protection against Sickle-Cell Disease (PAFOVED) in DRC in order to improve care of the sick and favor their integration into society: the screening of children has been deployed in 39 maternities and care is ensured in 12 healthcare centers.

In 2016, 25 information sessions in schools and universities allowed young people to learn about transmission methods and make them aware that they might be a healthy carrier without realizing it.

2017 results:

  • 20,400 people screened.
  • 1,850 people treated.
  • 24,000 people informed.
  • 340 healthcare professionals trained.