Along with Cameroon and the DRC, the Ivory Coast is one of the three countries where IECD has been involved for almost 20 years.

IECD provides relevant solutions to the needs of the rural youth and to small urban enterprises, through the Support to Small Enterprises programme and the Family Farm Schools programme. In 2015, the TRANSFORM project, already deployed in Cameroon, was spread to the Ivory Coast, with the goal of supporting entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector in the preparation and realisation of their business.

Contact us in Ivory Coast:

Adress: Riviera Bonoumin, Rue I 69 (non loin d’Abidjan Mall), 06 BP 2086 Abidjan 06.

Contact 1 : Patrick SEKONGO

Mail:  contact@iecd-ci.org

Tel: + 225 02400225

Contact 2 : Marie-Edwige KOUASSI

Mail: me.kouassi@iecd.org

Tel: + 225  52108108