IECD places the question of youth employment at the heart of its activities by putting in place training and professional integration projects, which aim to strengthen the employability of the youth in developing and transitioning countries.

Worldwide, more than 75 million young people are jobless, due to the general state of the economy and the labour market, but also the mismatch between their abilities and the needs of companies. The MENA region, with more than 60% of the population under 30 years old, has the highest level of youth unemployment, running between 25 and 40%. Every year in Sub-Saharan Africa, 11 million young people enter the labour market. Training and employing the youth are therefore a priority in order to ensure the future for this population.

In these regions, the dynamic and job-bearing sectors could offer lasting solutions to qualified young people, but currently technical teaching is often too theoretical and so far removed from economic and professional realities that it leads to a downgrading of these sectors and a gap between young peoples’ skills and companies’ needs.

Through their projects, IECD and their partners enable young people to gain technical and transversal skills (notably in personal development) to perform a trade, which will allow them to have a sustainable job which is in line with the needs and realities of the labour market.

IECD puts in place a variety of training plans for its different programmes for young people – male and female – who have limited access to education or whose initial training is not in line with the needs of the marketplace:

  • Initial training
    • long and with a diploma
    • long and with qualifications
    • short and with qualifications
  • Further education for professionals

IECD prioritises established institutions; they help them to improve their pedagogy and to strengthen themselves institutionally. When there is no adapted organisation, IECD will then take part in creating a training centre.

Seeds of Hope Program : train the lebanese youth for careers in electricity – 2012

Family farm school : train Train the rural youth for careers in agriculture – 2012

The Hospitality and Catering Training Center of Mae Sot : train the Karens youth for careers of Hospitality and Catering – 2013