Cameroon, Ivory Coast, (Kurdistan : 2008-2014 ; Liban : 2010-2012)



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Support for rural development

The IECD helps to structure agricultural sectors that create job opportunities by supporting several entrepreneurial initiatives in the agricultural and agri-food sector: this are the APONH project, which aims to improve the income of farmers in West Cameroon, and the TRANSFORM project, which develops new local food sectors through training and support for their main stakeholders. These actions target farmers as much as distributors, processors, transport companies and other stakeholders involved in the sectors concerned. By supporting all the links in the chain, the IECD aims to create a favorable economic environment in which entrepreneurs are able to roll out their skills and enjoy a sustainable activity that creates jobs. Through its intervention, the IECD wishes to offer a complete and global response to the problems encountered by entrepreneurs and farmers: strengthening of their technical and management skills, networking, logistical and material support, help with marketing.